Website Updates

2015, November 30
  • 1. Added code to control max width of pages, not to exceed 1200 pixels. This prevents the pages from being spread out so far on an extra wide screen. Screen resolutions under 1200px are set to 97%.

2015, August 28
  • 1. Updated video page. Set videos to auto-start.

2015, August 26
  • 1. Moved this page, website updates to footer on main page.
  • 2. Moved brochure link from side buttons to top buttons.
  • 3. Widened the gallery page to fill wide screens.

2015, August 24
  • 1. Widened main page to fill newer wide screen monitors.
  • 2. Removed links to Miata-Web-Ring

2014, March 29
  • 1. Changed Top portion of all pages. Less html, single button navigation.
  • 2. Created a new members page on another server, since godaddy does not support protected directories.
  • 3. Remodeled the members info page.

2009, July 12
  • 1. Changed LEFT buttons on home page to external links only, and buttons at top, internal links.

2009, June 24
  • 1. Added this updates page to the website.

2009, June 23
  • 1. Resized images on the front page to quicken the load time, and it did improve. The speedtest loadtime went from 8 seconds to half a second.
  • 2. Added a supersize link below our group picture on the front page. The added pic is 1600 pixels wide. The old enlage pic is 800 pics wide.
  • 3. Added Miata 2008 and 2009 test drives to the Video page.

2009, June 21
  • 1. Re-worked the gallery pages. Made a seperate page for each past event, so that there are less thumbnail pics to load. This speeds up load time for each page, and makes more room for text descriptions.
  • 2. Added links to the gallery pages, on the events page. The new links are in the brown box of past events. The dates that are gold are now clickable.
  • 3. Changed the black area at the top of some pages to the same color as the rest of the page. This change might apply to all pages later. Opinions are welcome!
  • 4. Added Miata Madness Mountain to the Video page.